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Hi Hema, Thank you for sharing this reflection! It reminds me of a good book I read this year, "How to Do Nothing" by Jenny Odell. The particular passage is more about personal time than work, but it still hits the same point of measuring yourself by your own ruler. The whole book is basically a mediation on what spending time in a rose garden can mean for a person. She writes, "seen from the point of view of forward-pressing, productive time, this behavior would appear delinquent... but from the point of view of the place, I'd look like someone who was finally paying attention. And from the point of view of myself, the person actually experiencing my life... I would know that I spent that on Earth."

Sounds a bit woo woo but it struck me that I actually had to read this passage to remind myself to weigh my own knowing the most out of the possible options :) Anyway, happy new year, to a GREAT leader in my book! :) Megan Walsh

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THANK YOU HEMA!! A timely message and reminder that especially as women we are here to be INNOVATORS in demonstrating, showing, defining (for ourselves, from the Organic Intelligence in our own consciousness and bodies) a NEW WAY of being / doing / success in the world that aligns with our essence and our inner knowing ( not to bow down and fall in line to shoulds).

Lets go!!

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